Home to the layout is the historic old Sears Catalog Warehouse - now the South Side on Lamar building. The approximately 85 X 20 permanent layout is enclosed by glass on three sides and easily viewable by residents, visitors and passers by. The space in the basement below the layout is used as a workshop and meeting room. Club members have access to the layout and workshop 7 days a week.

Layout Features:

  • 1640 sq. ft. layout room.
  • 105 dispatcher controlled mainline and passing siding turnouts.
  • 110 additional industrial siding turnouts.
  • 11 scale miles - 670- of mainline.
  • Double track helix to upper yard.
  • Hidden staging.

Dallas landmarks being modeled include:

  • Union Station Passenger terminal.
  • Dealy Plaza featuring the triple underpass and Texas Schoolbook Depository.
  • Sears Catalog Warehouse.
  • Oak Lawn Neighborhood.
  • Downtown Dallas with Interurban.
  • West end warehouse district.
  • Burrus Flour Mill.
  • The Houston Street Viaduct to Oak Cliff.

Other Themes modeled:

  • East Texas Logging.
  • Coal Mine.
  • Steel Mill.
  • Paper Mill.
  • Petroleum Refinery.
  • Galveston Harbor with car ferry.
  • Large classification yard and engine facility.
  • Rural Texas agriculture.
  • Still room for others!