Doing business as



(A)Appointment to a committee shall be done on a volunteer basis whenever and wherever possible, with the understanding that any member may volunteer to serve on any committee at any time.

(B) The club’s presiding officer shall appoint a temporary chairman upon formation of a committee, to preside until such time that the committee elects its own chairman. Committee members shall elect their own chairman within a two week period from the time the committee is formed.

(C) It should be understood that any club member may work in any areas of the layouts construction, at any time they wish, as long as their work is directed by a committee member, or an area supervisor that is responsible for the type of work at which they wish to engage. This work is to be performed during periods of open access as defined by the B.O.D.

(D) It shall be the duty of the committee chairman or a committees designated representative to co-ordinate their committees thoughts, designs, and works, with the various other committees thoughts, designs, and works as necessary, to ensure continuity from the design stage through construction and on to the final product.

(E) Any club member should feel free to participate in any committee meeting if they feel they have something to offer or something to learn.

(F) Should any club member wish to join a committee that has already been formed, that member shall petition the committee’s chairman. If the chair-person feels the committee could still function efficiently with additional membership, the member would then be appointed to the committee.


(A) There shall be four (4) distinct types of meetings. They shall be: (1) Annual, (2) Monthly, (3) Regular Sessions, (4) Special Meetings

  1. ANNUAL MEETING: The annual meeting shall take place at the first regular meeting in the month of September of each year. The order of business shall be: (1) Call to order, (2) Roll Call, (3) Minutes of the prior monthly meeting, (4) Financial report, (5) Old business, (6) New business, (7) Nominations and elections, (8) Installation of the new Board of Directors, (9) Adjournment.

(C) MONTHLY BUSINESS MEETING: The monthly business meetings shall be held on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:30 pm or as rescheduled by the Board of Directors (B.O.D.) at a time and date deemed most advantageous to the club. Time of the meeting shall be outside normal working hours. It shall be the purpose of these meetings to carry out the business of the club that the B.O.D. and/or the club membership may feel should be brought before the entire membership. The order of business shall be (1) Call to order, (2) Minutes of the prior monthly meeting (3) Financial Report, (4) Old business (5) New business (6) Committee reports (7) Adjournment.

(D) REGULAR SESSIONS: Regular sessions are held on each Tuesday of the month that a business meeting does not occur. These are held to construct or operate the model layout.

(1) Work or operating sessions may be conducted by members at times other than regular meetings upon the approval of the B.O.D.

(E) SPECIAL SESSIONS: Special sessions are held at the request of the B.O.D. in order to conduct club business which may not wait until the next regular meeting.


(A) Limitations: Presently there is no limitation to the number of members allowed.

(1) The number of members in the club may be set at any time, based upon a majority vote of the members present at a monthly business meeting.

(B) Applications and Elections: The procedures for application and election to the club are as follows:

(1) Each prospective person (candidate) who wishes to become a member of the club must be recommended by an existing member in good standing with the club.

(2) The candidate must demonstrate his abilities of model railroading to the club membership as deemed appropriate by the club.

(3) At the time of application, a member of the membership committee, or a designated appointee thereof, shall advise the candidate of the general means by which the club functions.

(4) After an application is filed by a candidate, it must be reviewed by a member of the membership committee (preferably the chairman if available), wherein the committee member shall determine if the membership is open for election of new members.

(5) If no openings are available, the application will be dated and filed on a seniority basis. The candidate will be notified of an existing opening for membership as it becomes available, using the date of application to determine seniority.

(6) If it has been determined by a member of the membership committee, or an appointee of the membership committee, that a membership has become available, the candidate must perform the following steps to qualify for membership: (a): Attend 3 regular meetings for a minimum of 1 hour each. (b) Attend regular meetings, work sessions, or special club functions for an additional nine (9) hours (twelve 12 hours total). (c) Any two regular members may verify these hours and see that these hours are logged on the candidate’s application. (d) Be a member of the NMRA.

(7) The candidate shall be granted probationary membership for ninety (90) days while the above qualifying steps are performed.

(a) The candidate for membership will be required to pay regular monthly dues during the probationary period. These dues shall be non-refundable.

(8) After a candidate has fulfilled the above requirements to the satisfaction of the membership committee, and completed the probationary period, the committee shall present the candidate to the membership of the club for election to membership.

(9) Elections to membership shall take place only at monthly business meetings, and shall take place at the first monthly meeting following the fulfillment of the requirements.

(a)There shall be no proxy votes or absentee votes.

(10)Candidates shall be elected to membership by the following procedural steps: (a) Introduction of the candidate by the membership committee to the club membership. (b) Verification that the candidate has fulfilled all requirements for election to club membership. (c) Removal of the candidate from the voting area. (d) Discussion (if necessary) by the membership. (e) Call the vote (silent and raised hand vote only). (f) To be elected, the candidate must receive a minimum of 75% yes votes of all members present entitled to vote. (g) The candidate shall then be returned to the room. (h) A candidate voted into membership shall be considered a member only after all initiation fees, and all monthly dues have been paid. (j) If a candidate receives a negative vote by the membership of the club, then it shall be the duty of the presiding officer to take the candidate aside and explain the reason why they were rejected for election to membership. (k) The candidate may speak to the membership if they wish, in defense of the reason for rejection, and may request another election, either immediately, or at a later date, if the candidate so desires.


(1) HONORARY MEMBER: This type of membership will be assigned only by vote from a quorum of members of the club, to anyone whose actions warrant special honor or consideration. Honorary membership level shall be voted by the quorum of membership for said individual receiving honorary membership, and shall have all rights granted under normal membership level. Honorary members are non voting and non dues paying members.

(2) CANDIDATE MEMBERSHIP: This is temporary membership for the first three months, where a candidate for membership shall have only supervised access to the layout, and shall participate on an associate level in club activities. Candidate membership shall be issued as under Part III MEMBERSHIP of these bylaws.

(3) Additional types of membership may be established by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the regular membership at any monthly business meeting in accordance with the Constitution and these By-laws.

(D) DUES: Dues of the club shall be two hundred and forty (240) dollars per year for regular members and one hundred twenty (120) for associate members and are payable one twelfth per month. Dues for new members shall become payable for the month in which application for membership is received. Dues shall not be refundable

(E) VOTING ELIGIBILITY: In order to be eligible to vote on matters arising before the club, a member must be in good standing.

(F) GOOD STANDING: In order to be in good standing, a member (1) must owe no more than two months’ dues and (2)unless excused by the B.O.D. for valid reasons, must have participated in at least one work session in the two months immediately preceding the meeting at which club business is being transacted.


Procedural outline for the nomination and election to the B.O.D. shall be as shown below: To be elected to any of the following positions, a candidate must receive a minimum of fifty-one (51) percent of the ballots cast by the present membership for that particular position.

(A) The B.O.D. shall appoint three (3) members to an election/nominating committee whose duties shall be to nominate candidates for office and oversee the election, count ballots and decide on run-offs if necessary. The election committee shall let the membership know when an election has taken place. If an election committee member is nominated for election, the present board shall appoint a member to replace him on the committee for the duration of balloting on that office only.

(B) If no candidate receives fifty-one (51) percent vote of ballots cast by 51% of the present membership necessary for election, the election committee will then pick the two candidates with the most votes for a run-off election. (The election committee may pick more than two, if in their estimation, the voting was close enough to warrant the extra candidates). This will be a decision only of the election committee and shall not be discussed by the membership. All decisions of the election committee shall be considered final.

(C) Elections shall take place as follows:

(1) Presentation of candidates from the election/nominating committee.

(2) Nominations from the floor.

(3) Secret ballot election.

(4) Secret ballot run-off (if necessary).

(5) There shall be no proxy votes or absentee votes.

(D) Officials will be elected in the following order:

(1) President

(2) Vice-president

(3) Secretary

(4) Treasurer

(E) The newly elected B.O.D. shall take office at the following October business meeting.


(A) It is the responsibility of the B.O.D. to establish a written agreement between the club and sponsoring business. Such agreement shall be in letter format signed by the managers of the sponsoring business or their representative and include the following:

(1) Defined periods of guaranteed access.

(2) Materials and supplies provided by the sponsoring business for club use.

(3) Benefits to the sponsoring business in the manner of show schedules.

(4) Area assigned to the club for its use and aisle ways which are to be considered as right-of-ways that are to remain clear of any and all obstructions.

(5) Duration of the letter of agreement.

(B) Club premises shall be used only for club purposes or for members’ enjoyment of the hobby of model railroading. Club premises shall not be used for financial benefit of individual members.